Abbreviations and Acronyms
Accepted forms within the United Nations

In general:
If the title of an organizational body or agency occurs frequently in a text, it should be written in full the first time (with its abbreviation in parentheses). Thereafter, its abbreviation can be used in the text, e.g., Office of Project Services (OPS).

ome titles should never be abbreviated, even of they appear frequently in the text. These are listed below

the United Nations
the United Nations Office at Geneva
the United Nations Office at Nairobi
the United Nations Office at Vienna
the Economic and Social Council
the General Assembly
the Secretary-General
the Security Council

While in everyday informal conversation (or in e-mail messages), it is common for staff to use abbreviations of the above titles (the UN, UNOG, UNOV, ECOSOC, the GA, the S-G, the S-C, the latter are NOT acceptable in formal correspondence).

Some United Nations acronyms are almost never written in full: UNICEF, UNESCO