When to use "the"


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Use "The"
  Names of Countries Countries with plural names
  China The Russian Federation
  France The United Arab Emirates
  Spain The United Kingdom
  Uraguay The United States
  Names of Cities Names of Rivers
  Dakar the Mississippi River
  London the Amazon River
  New York the Nile River
  Names of Streets Object is the only one that exists
  Fifth Avenue the earth                the world       the North Star     
  Regent Street the human race      the moon       the universe      
  Names of Lakes Adjectives as Nouns               
  Lake Ontario the elderly        the wealthy            the disabled        
  Lake Geneva the homeless   the unemployed     the sick              
  Names of Schools Names of Schools with "of"
  Cambridge University The University of California
  New York University The University of Toronto
  Boston University The University of New South Wales