The following examples, frequently found in United Nations documents, show some samples of the use of initial capital letters or lower-case letters in United Nations practice (from the United Nations Correspondence Manual)

Act, of a legislative body   Contracting Party, in the text of treaties, otherwise lower case
Administration, in specific references   convention (in general reference) but Convention on the
Rights of the Child (in specific reference
administrative instruction   council (in general reference) but Council resolution 1979/81 when using it as a short title, as a noun or adjective
advisory opinion (of the International Court of

  Dag Hammarskjold Library
agenda, agenda item, agenda item 24   decade, but First United Nations Development Decade (when part of a title)
annex, an annex, annex III, the annexes to the report   Declaration
appendix, an appendix, appendix IV, the appendices   Decree
Arabic language and type   delegation
Arabic numerals

  demarcation line
article, an article, article 3  but: Article when making specific references to an article of the
harter of the United Nations and the Statute of the International Court of Justice
  department (in general reference) but Department of
Political Affairs (in specific references)
chairpersons (general reference), but
hairperson of the Fifth Committee (specific reference)
chapter II (general reference) but Chapter of the United Nations Charter (specific reference)   draft
charge d'affaires (general reference) but Charge d'Affaires of the Permanent Mission of Andorra (specific reference)   earth (in general reference) but Earth in reference to the planet (for example, artificial Earth satellite)
commission(s) (general reference-regional commissions) but Economic Commission for
Africa (specific reference)

  east, eastern (geographical)
committee(s) (general reference-the committees of the General Assembly), but Main Committees of the General Assembly (specific reference)

  East, Eastern (political) as in East-West dialogue
conference (general reference) but World
Conference on Human Rights (in specific reference) or when referring back to a named conference, "The Conference took place..."

  executive heads
conference room (general reference) but
Conference Room 4 (specific reference)

  executive secretaries of the regional commissions, but
Executive Secretary of ECA, ECE, etc.
constitution (general reference) but Consitiution of the World Health Organization (specific reference)   expert (in general reference) but the Group of Experts on
lobal Warming (if in a title)
consultant   extrabudgetary (XB may be used in budget documents)
continent, e.g., the continent fo Africa   financial regulation (rule) 3.5 but Financial Regulation Rules of the United Nations (if part of a title)
continental shelf   foreword