Collocations and Lexical Chunks
Some words often occur together either in pairs or in phrases. When they occur in pairs, they are called "collocations". When they occur in phrases, they are called "Lexical chunks". Below are some examples of common collocations and lexical chunks found in UN speeches and documents:
create a better world
  (a) cooperative world body
  constitute a threat to world stability
  constitute a threat to peace and security
  (the) common hopes for humankind
  (the) family of nations
  (the) global community
  (the) international community
  (an) international forum
  keep peace
  maintain peace
  meet with success
  (the) nations of the world
  polarize into factions
  promote good relations
  promote peace and stability
  put an end to war/conflict/the stalemate
  put forth a proposal