Frequently Used Terms
Sample definitions based on those in The Diplomats' Dictionary by Chas. W. Freeman, Jr.

accords international agreements with a status below that of treaties
adjudication the process by which a court settles cases by a decision which disputants are obliged to follow
aide-memoire a written summary of important items of a proposed agreement
alliance a formal coalition of two or more nations that share national security interests
ally (plural: allies) member(s) of an alliance
ambiguity, creative when two parties to a negotiation cannot agree on all points, they agree not to challenge each other on certain selected points
appeasement when, in order to reduce tensions, one nation (or group of nations) makes concessions to another nation (or group of nations)
arms control when potential enemy nations cooperate to reduce the chances that their differences will lead to violent conflict
asylum, political when one nation gives protection and sanctuary to a foreign national
balance of power a state of affiars among a community of nations that does not allow for any one nation (or group of nations) to endanger the independence of the others
bargaining a process of concessions, conditional offers, threats, inducements by which compromises and agreements are reached