Adjectives and verbs with prepositions
A list of frequently used phrasal verbs and expressions.
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absent from confidence in (have) graduate from patient with
according to confuse with grateful to perfect for
accuse of conscious of (be)   persist in
acquainted with consist of hide from plan on
adapt to contribute to homesick for pleased with
adequate for convince of hope for prepare for
advise of (inform) cooperate with hopeful of present at
advise on (counsel) critical of   prevent from
afraid of     profit from
agreeable to decide on identical to prohibit from
allergic to dedicated to import from  
anxious about depend on impressed by responsible for
apologize for deprive of incapable of rich in
apparent to devoted to independent of  
appropriate for difficult for insist on short of
approve of difficulty in instead of similar to
ashamed of disapprove of intent on suitable for
available to disgusted with interested in superior to
award to doubtful about interfere with supply with
aware of      
    jealous of talent for
base on eligible for   talented in
believe in enter into known for technique for
bring about engage in   thankful for
bring on engaged to limit to thoughtful of
  essential to loyal to tired from (physical)
capable of export to   tired of (emotional)
care for   matter to tolerant of
certain of familiar with married to typical of
collect from famous for    
combine with fond of name after understanding of
composed of foreign to need for (noun) unfamiliar with
conceal from     unfit for
conceited about glance at obtain from upset about
concentrate on gossip about opposed to