Unit 12


The definitions and parts of speech below indicate how the words in this unit are used. The words below are listed alphabetically by Lesson Unit.

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Vocabulary Word
Part of Speech


Unit 12 Introduction
award verb make an official decision to give a payment or prize to recognize an achievement
carry out verb to do and complete a task
to make ideas, feelings, etc. known; communicate
Unit 12 reading passage
abolition  noun the ending of a law, a system or an institution
actual adjective used to emphasize something that is real or exists in fact
altruist noun a person who cares about the needs and happiness of other people and wants to take action to help them
armistice noun a formal agreement during a war to stop fighting and discuss making peace
confer verb to discuss something with somebody in order to exchange opinions or get advice
credit verb give praise or approval to someone
decisive adjective very important for the final result of a particular situation
diverse adjective very different from each other and of various kinds
empower verb to give someone the power or authority to do something
fulfill verb to do or achieve what was hoped for or expected
joint adjective involving two or more people together
momentous adjective very important or serious, especially because there may be important results
setback noun a difficulty or problem that delays or prevents something, or makes a situation worse
rank noun the position that someone or something has in an organization
subsequently adverb afterwards; later; after something else has happened
suit verb to be useful or appropriate for someone