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Oxford English Learner's
This dictionary site lets you type in words you choose to find definitions  Look up  definitions for the word in different contexts
Foreign dictionaries online This site offers bilingual dictionaries in a variety of foreign languages: for Arabic, Bulgarian, Persian, Polish and many more... Look up definitions for the words you choose
Translation dictionary Offers chance to translate the words you choose into into over 70 different language Scroll down to "Foreign word search" and type in the word you want to translate
Foreign word search Lets you translate words into 18 different languages Click on the "Lang to Lang Search" for the multilingual dictionary
English-Chinese online
Offers the chance to translate English words of your choice Type in the English word you want to know, and get the Mandarin Chinese translation
Lithuanian-English online
Offers the chance to translate words of your choice type in word you want to know and get the translation
Internet Movie Page for Students of English Provides information about movies of your choice Type in the title of the movie you want to know more about
Dave's ESL Cafe Provides many entertaining and useful ways to study many aspects of English Choose from among the many exercises, language games and information
English Club Lessons, games, quizzes, forums, chats For ESL learners & teachers
ESL Learning for Travelling Students Good information for travellers, as well as help with the local language For students and teachers

The Burbidge Collection

Collection of English-learning materials created by Bob Burbidge, long-time teacher in the United Nations Language and Communications Programme Benefit from the materials of an experienced, expert insturctor; materials on grammar, writing, especially report writing
Links to
About the United Nations in non-official languages This site offers the chance to get information about the United Nations in a variety of non-official languages Read about the United Nations in  your own language - even if it's not a UN official language
Infonation This link gives information about the vital statistics of nations at a glance Learn the capital, population,  land area and more of the nation you choose
Water Quiz A game that provides facts about the world's water supply Be informed about the world's most precious resource--share these facts with a colleague
United Nations in Action Webcasts Webcasts of recent and important United Nations events Watch videos and of be informed about recent and important events
Links to  language-learning NEWS sites
United Nations in Action Webcasts Webcasts of recent and important United Nations events Watch videos and of be informed about recent and important events
BBC World News English Learners
New York Times Learning Site
Bangkok Post English Learning Site Read articles and get the definitions of new words
Bangkok Post Word-a-Day Learn a new word every day
National Public Radio (NPR) listen to and access free transcripts to NPR radio news programmes on selected topics

Links to selected press articles
"UN Tackles Issue of Imbalance of Power" A New York Times article (28 Nov. 2004) about attempts to reform the balance of power on the Security Council
"Hut by Hut, AIDS Steals Life in Southern African Town " A New York Times article (28 Nov 2004) about the AIDS crisis in a village in Swaziland
"Hammarskjold Greatly Extended U. N.'s Scope through Leadership and Personal Initiatives"

The New York Times obituary (1961) of the U.N.'s second Secretary-General Dag Hamarskjold.
Read this article in the "On This Day" column of the New York Times Learning Site