Unit 3


The definitions and parts of speech below indicate how the words in this unit are used. The words below are listed alphabetically by Lesson Unit.

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Vocabulary Word
Part of Speech


Unit 3 introduction



 ritual that shows someone has been given a high office or special status
 introductory statement
 a written passage with qualities of poetic form
lines forming a unit of a poem; one of the verses of a longer poem
Last Stanza of poem
chattering adjective talking a lot (about pleasant, trivial things)
grave noun the place where a dead person is buried
healed adjective becoming healthy again; growth of new skin over an injury
metaphor noun a word or phrase that indicates something beyond itself
milestone noun a very important stage or event
reassertion noun to make a forceful statement again; a reinforcement of a forceful statement by repeating it
thrust verb put or push suddenly and forcefully
wound noun injury
Unit 3 Reading: Noel's Story
fill (an order) verb give what was requested
indescribable adjective so extreme or unusual that it cannot be described
ravage verb very badly damage
Unit 3 Reading: Noel's Story
electoral adjective related to elections
grandeur noun greatness
strike (be struck) verb impress (be impressed)
surreal adjective very strange; more like a dream than reality