Unit 4
Grammar Practice Exercise



In the reading passage, "Who are the Goodwill Ambassadors?", several sentences or phrases have passive constructions:

"So many people were affected"/ "Someone was beaten"/ "...so many people could be displaced"

We write sentences in the passive when telling the action is more important than telling who performed the action.

The diagram below shows how a passive construction is formed.
Note that the agent column is sometimes omitted because it is already understood:

verb "to be"
past participle
agent (sometimes omitted)
So many people were affected by the war.
Someone was  beaten by his enemy.
So many people could be displaced by the emergency.
The environment should be made secure.

Note that the tense of the verb to be indicates the tense of the sentence.The mood of the verb to be can be modified by using a modal such as could or should. 

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