Unit 4
Listening Practice

The film,  Beyond Borders: movie clips and movie trailer

The movie, Beyond Borders, starring UNHCR Good will Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, tells the story of humanitarian aid workers in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Chechnya.  Ms Jolie plays the movie's main character, Sarah Jordan, a wealthy woman, who lives a materially privileged life with her husband in London. At a party, Sarah is inspired by the impassioned speech of one of the guests, Dr.Geller,a humanitarian aid worker. After hearing Dr. Geller's talk, Sarah is inspired to leave her comfortable life in London and follow Dr. Geller to some of the most world's turbulent places. The premier of the movie, Beyond Borders raised $100,000. for the the UN High Commissioner for Refugees agency.

Click for 'youtube' page of movie clips of Beyond Borders. When you arrive at the page, click on Beyond Borders trailer No. 1. Watch the film clips and listen to the dialogue. After that, minimize the Beyond Borders page and click on cloze exercise below. Do the exercise as you listen to the dialogue in the film clips.

(to listen, you may need to download Real Player)

Click for cloze exercise for the dialogue you hear in the movie clips.

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