Unit 12

  What are the UN's Nobel Peace Prizes?



Nobel medal

What are the UN's Nobel Peace Prizes?

(Click for a list of Nobel Peace prizes awarded to the UN and individuals working on its behalf)

What Nobel Prizes have been awarded to the UN and to those working to carry out its ideals? 
This unit contains information about what the Nobel Peace Prize is and  why it has been awarded to the United Nations or to individuals working on its behalf.

The unit's reading passage describes the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize jointly awarded jointly to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to the former United States Vice-President and eminent environmentalist Mr. Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr.
In addition, the unit includes a list of all the Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to the UN and individuals related to the Organization.

The listening passage includes a recording of an original song with its lyrics, "I Will Work for Peace" composed by J. Lynn Eisenstein.

The unit contains exercises on reading as well as grammar practice on forming passive constructions. In addition, a model of writing and a writing task are included. All exercises offer information related to the UN's Nobel prizes and offer practice with aspects of the language used to convey the content. To begin, click on "Reading passage" below.

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