Unit 2

  What are the different parts of the
  United Nations?

UN Site, New York
 United Nations Headquarters,
    New York City

What are the different parts of the United Nations?

What is the function of each part
The above questions are discussed in the Unit 2 reading passage, which is also a springboard to test reading comprehension and memory and understanding of the new vocabulary.
The listening passage, a broadcast from United Nations radio, tells of a related theme, recent proposals for Security Council reform. In addition, the unit provides links to authentic reading passages on the un.org and other web sites.

Learners have the opportunity to review and summarize the information contained in this unit in the "Writing task". The "writing task" in unit 2 provides practice in the skill of "responding to a request" and "organizing information under headings". All exercises provide information about the different branches of the United Nations as they provide practice with the four skills of English. To begin, click on Reading Passage.

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