Unit 1

  Where did the idea of a
  'United Nations' come from



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Where did the idea of a 'United Nations' come from?

How did the different countries of the world decide to join together to try to keep peace and create a better world?

The unit 1 reading passage is called International Cooperation: the dream that won't go away.

The passage describes some of the earliest notions of organizing a world forum to address interests common to the nations of the world. It also describes some of the very first proposals for a cooperative world body - some that came, not only from politicians and statesmen around the world, but also from writers and thinkers.
The passage tells of one put forth by the writer, H.G. Wells and another by the British writers, Virginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf, and still another by a South American feminist group.

The unit reading is a springboard that leads to comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, practice with present perfect, listening comprehension and writing practice on the skill of sharing information. At the same time, all exercises provide information about the forming of the United Nations as they provide practice with the four skills of English.
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