Unit 11
Grammar Practice Exercise


Transitional Phrases  

In certain lines of the reading passage, "What is the UN's World Heritage List?", notice how transitional phrases (in red), show the relationship of ideas (in purple) in consecutive sentences, thereby developing the theme of the passage and moving it forward:

"UNESCO's World Heritage List can be seen as a celebration of both the greatness of nature and the greatness of culture.  The list acknowledges humankind's capacity to feel awed by the beauty and power of the "wonders" of nature;  similarly, it acknowledges humankind's ability to create its own great structures by recombining elements of the natural world in unique ways.  The UNESCO World Heritage List was established to preserve the great structures of all the diverse cultures of the world.  From this point of view, such structures are not treasures of particular nations only, but are the heritage of all humankind.  Thus, the concept of cultural and natural wonders as "world heritage" was born."   

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