Unit 8
Grammar Exercise


UNIT 8 Grammar:
What is micro-credit and how is it raising the status or women?

Notice that some adjectives in the unit reading ended with ''--ing".  Students of English sometimes think that only verbs can end in --ing; however, some adjectives can as well.

Take a look at the sentences below. Notice how in the first sentence, the 'ing' word is used as a verb, but in the second sentence the 'ing' word is used as an adjective.  Notice the different positions of the verb and the adjective in the sentence a and sentence b below:

Sentence a) The numbers of women benefiting from micro-credit programmes is increasing.

Sentence b)  Increasing numbers of women are benefiting from micro-credit programmes.

Also, observe how sentence 'b' the information is presented more concisely.

Now click to do some practice, transforming sentences with 'ing verbs into 'ing adjectives.


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