Unit 2
Listening Practice

International Day of Peace (Part 2)

The video you will listen to called "One Day" was made to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  The International Day of Peace is celebrated each year on 21 September. In the video, you will hear some children talking about their hopes that one day there will be a peaceful world. In the background, the former boxing champion, Muhammed Ali, says a few words.
First, click on Muhammad Ali "One Day" Public Service Announcement to listen to the video. You may also need to download Real Player in order to hear it.

After you have listened to the passage "One Day" see if you can review the different activities the children were doing in the video (you may want to watch the web cast again to check yourself) by doing the exercise.


Column A    
                                    Column B
"We see children"                       "cooking/ joking/ speaking"
The correct choice from column B is "speaking".  

Download Realplayer

click for exercise

click for transcript

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