Unit 4
Writing Exercise - Part 1




Theme:  Expressing appreciation
In the course of our work, we sometimes want to show appreciation to those who have helped us  toward our goals or ideals.

Below is a letter of appreciation to UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie:

Dear Ms. Jolie,                                                                                                                       5 January, 2009

On behalf of our organization, I am writing to express our deepest appreciation to you for the great dedication you have shown in your work as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.  

Your willingness and determination to travel so extensively to the most desperately troubled parts of the world has won the greatest admiration from all of our staff.  Furthermore, your efforts have inspired us to make our very best effort to do whatever we can to alleviate the plight of the 35 million refugees who have been displaced by the effects of war and disease.

Not only do you very admirably fulfill your duties as Goodwill Ambassador by lifting the spirit of those you visit and calling attention to their needs, but you also extend yourself further by making personal donations to refugee camps. Among the many contributions you have made is the building of a school for girls in Kenya.  Now young girls who might otherwise have had little opportunity to learn and develop their skills, will have the chance to realize their potential.  We echo the words of UNHCR staffer, Kofi Mable who said, "With this help, and the construction of this school, future generations of girls will be saved."

Despite the demands of a very active career in the acting profession, it is clear that you have dedicated time in your life to put your talents in the service of those who suffer.  Along with UNHCR representative to Kenya, George Okoth-Obbo,who spoke these words at a ceremony at which you were honoured, "It is wonderful and humbling that someone so busy should find time to come here, to use her renown, her artistry, her presence, just to bring some joy into what is undoubtedly a hard life for many of the people here," he said.

For all your contributions, we extend our very deepest appreciation.

Yours truly,                                                           

Talud Mbeka                                                        

Director of Goodwill Ambassador Outreach


Ms Angelina Jolie
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Washington, D.C.


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