Unit 9
Writing Exercise - Part 1

      writing Writing to solicit support

Task theme: Writing to solicit support
In the course of our work, we sometimes want to persuade another person or party to support a particular initiative based on our own knowledge and conviction of its importance.
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Dear Ms Garcia,                                                                                                30 November 2008

     I am writing to request the Office of Project Advancement's (OPA's) support for an important initiative by the  Global Literacy Fund.  As you know, the Fund's mission is to increase literacy of given populations by increasing their access to computers and to the Internet. 

     Our office is aware of the OPA's sincere commitment to supporting projects that further the aims of the Millennium Development Goals.  The Global Development Fund is currently committed to a project that will advance one of the important aims of the Millennium Development Goals, i.e., to accelerate development through better access to education and technology. Specifically, the Global Literacy Fund is sponsoring a project to build more village libraries equipped with personal computers and Internet access in the Arcadia* region.  Such facilities are very needed in this area. Until now, because of its very remote mountain location, the Arcadia region has not developed as quickly as its surrounding areas. Access to schools and to libraries remains very limited, so many of the area's agricultural workers--and their children--have an insufficient level of literacy.

     The Global Literacy Fund knows how effective the presence of library facilities can be in promoting education and literacy. In remote regions in particular,  libraries can quickly take on the function of community centers and gathering places for people in remote regions. Therefore, once libraries are made available, we expect many residents of Arcadia to take advantage of their facilities and gather there.  In addition to personal computers and Internet access, the libraries will offer literacy classes (in both print and online literacy) as well as meeting space for "book groups"  in an effort to develop a "reading culture" in Arcadia.

     We at the Global Literacy Fund have long admired OPA's support and promotion of many worthy development projects. It is evident how much your support has lifted the level of education and quality of life of so many of the world's developing regions. Because of this, the Global Development fund very much hopes that OPA will take the time to explore and consider the request for funding of the Arcadia literacy initiative. We at Global Development Fund would be very pleased to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the project further and address any questions of comments OPA may have.

     Thank you so much.  We very much look forward to knowing your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Wanda Freely
Chief, Global Literacy Fund

Jorge Garcia
Chief, Office of Project Advancement
1010 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, D.C.

*"Arcadia" is a fictitious name.

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