Unit 1
Writing Exercise - Part 2

Sharing Information

Examine the different parts of the model below:

Dear Ms. Alna,

TOPIC and PURPOSE: (what you are writing about and why):
"I am writing to share with you some of the information I learned in the lesson unit, "Where did the idea of an international world body come from?" ... the United Nations in a broader context."

Reasons/examples (in chronological order OR order of importance)
"One of the things I discovered was that the concept of a world forum where ... was Leon Auguste Bourgeois, a French statesman who won the Nobel Prize in 1920 for his active promotion of a body that would foster cooperation among nations.

With the destruction caused by the First World War, President Woodrow Wilson put forth a proposal to create a League of Nations ... peacefully. The United Nations started in 1945 to, as the opening of its Charter says, "end the scourge of war".

SUMMING UP of theme and purpose
"I am glad to have the chance to share this information with you."

"I hope you will find it useful."

"Yours sincerely,"


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