Unit 3
Writing Exercise - Part 1


Theme: Writing a mission report
Often, when staff go on mission, they need to write a report about their work when they return to their duty stations.  While there is no official format for a mission report, below is an example of how one might be organized (note that names of countries, cities and resolutions used in this sample report are fictitious).

SUBJECT:   Mission to Arcadia City and Oceantide: needs assessment of transportation facilities

1.     The purpose of this report is to provide an assessment of the present state of the transportation infrastructure of Arcadia following the recent civil strife in that country.   The Department of Infrastructure Assessment has undertaken this mission under the authority of Resolution 771, which mandates the Organization to provide the necessary resources to enable the distribution of foods and medicines to continue/resume.  The mission took place from 1 October to 1 November 2003. This report is the first in a series.

2.     Team #1 from the Department of Infrastructure Assessment has evaluated the transportation facilities of the area throughout the capital, Arcadia City, and also of the key roads to the port city of Oceantide.  The team has made assessments of airports, roads, and bridges.  Based on its findings, it recommends remedies to facilitate the flow of vital goods.

3.    Below is an evaluation list of key facilities, followed by the recommendations of Team # 1:

(a)  Airports
Northern Arcadia has two major airports, Arcadia International  Airport, 15 miles east of Arcadia City and Oceantide Airport, located about 10 miles north of the main port.  The team found that, although the civil strife caused the closing of both airports, the latter suffered virtually no damage to their facilities.  As soon as major roads leading to the airports are repaired, the airports should resume full service and normal flight schedules.  At the present time, flights carrying aid workers and other essential personnel are able to take off and land at both airports.  Helicopters then transport passengers to their destinations in and around Arcadia City.

RECOMMENDATION: More helicopters must be made available until key roads leading to and from the airport are repaired. Goods destined for Oceantide may be delivered directly to the city's port from the neighboring country of Palomia.

(b) Roads
Many key roads needed for the transportation of food, medicines and essential personnel are no longer functional. These roads have  suffered severe damage as a result of the recent strife. The main roads leading to and from the airport are so badly damaged that vehicles cannot pass through. In addition, fallen trees and buildings block their way.

RECOMMENDATION: More workers must be sent to repair roads and clear the area so that normal traffic can resume as quickly as possible. Specialists must be sent to ensure that the traditional style of Arcadia's roads, a source of cultural pride and tourist revenue, is preserved.

(c) Bridges
Thanks to the successful intervention and respect for the cease-fire agreement, only one bridge, the "Arcadia Minor Bridge", suffered damage due to the recent strife. It was learned that rebels had used the remote area around the bridge as a base of operations;  the bridge was severely damaged in the subsequent fighting.  However, as this was a little-used bridge in a remote part of the city, its damage poses no immediate hindrance to the transport of vital goods. Before the outbreak of tensions, the "Arcadia Minor Bridge" was under repair. Its repair work has been temporarily suspended. 

RECOMMENDATION: Continue the suspension of repair work on the "Arcadia Minor Bridge" so that workers and other resources can be directed to repairing roads vital to the transport of key supplies.

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