Unit 5
Writing Exercise - Part 1

            Writing Boy

Theme: Memorandum on needs assessment

Often, when staff want to go on a peacekeeping mission, they need to write about why they would like to go on such a mission.

To:            Mr./ Ms. Person in Charge, Director of Mission Placement              4 September, 2005
                  Office of Mission Placement, DPK

From:       James Engineer, Engineering Operations Officer  

Subject:   Request to go mission to Arcadia as engineering expert

1.   I am writing to let the Office of Mission Placement know of my interest in going on a peacekeeping mission to Arcadia. I feel that my work experience and skills will allow me to contribute significantly to the tasks of the mission, particularly in the area of assessing needs to restore the transportation  infrastructure.

2.  Having worked for several years as an engineer designing roads and bridges in Lower Mackadee and other developing regions, I feel qualified to be part of the Arcadian engineering operation. As you recall, the civil strife in Lower Mackadee destroyed much of the transportation infrastructure of its capital, Larken. I was part of an early assessment team of engineers advising on restoring key areas of the transport system to get the city running so that essential items such as food and medical supplies could be delivered to hospitals and shelters. I also performed similar tasks during the crisis in Sarkady.

3.  I very much hope that favourable action can be taken on my request to participate in the mission to Arcadia, a place where I believe my professional background and skills can be put to good use.

4.  Please let me know if I can supply any additional information. I look forward to your reply.


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